Jeff White


Writer of adult literature for e-readers

The Books

Jeff writes books in a variety of erotic genres, reflecting some of the many different sexual fantasies everybody has.

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Menage and

Multiple Partners


Brad’s Farm

A series of books set on a human dairy farm, featuring lactation, hard sado-masochism, domination and human manure, and not a little humour!


Golden showers, games with urine and lots of sperm!

Pain and Domination

Other Stories

Including Carrying Her Dress, Jeff’s first erotic story, inspired by seeing a girl walking down Church Hill, Camberley, first thing in the morning, carrying a dress.

The Bedtime Canon

A massive collection, twenty short stories covering a wide range of, mostly quite kinky, sexual activity! Not to be missed.


Some rather specialized books, which have been banned from Amazon and some other sellers, including stories of bestiality and incest.


Men who enjoy want their partners to play away, and expect to be punished in return!